Exploring The Future Of News

Newsgeist  is a gathering of practitioners and thinkers from the worlds of journalism, technology, and public policy who are re-imagining the future of the news. Anchored by the annual “unconference” events and supplemented by an online community, Newsgeist is a community of industry peers who share projects and ideas, and tackle challenging problems together.

The invitation-only gatherings have become the meeting place for news professionals and entrepreneurs. The collaborative, high-intensity format provides opportunities to connect with others who are working to transform this essential industry.

The program begins with an evening of agenda setting, followed by “Ignite Talks” that catalyze new thinking and promote provocative points of view. The remainder of the program is created on the spot and led by attendees. The unconference format allows for and encourages spirited conversations about pressing issues and the wild sharing of fantastical ideas.

The relaxed “Chatham House Rule” atmosphere promotes friendship, intimate discussions, and impromptu entertainment. The fascinating mix of people cultivates an open exploration of ideas, surfaces exciting works-in-progress, and promotes collaborative problem solving that transcends traditional boundaries. To learn more or request an invitation, please drop us a line.

The Newsgeist Community

Newsgeist is a community of news media professionals – journalists, educators, entrepreneurs, and advocates – passionate about news journalism. Regardless of role or experience, members come together as peers to share experiences, debate challenges, and posit new ideas.

Our meetings and forums are conducted under Chatham House Rule and in an atmosphere of mutual respect and candor. While the Newsgeist community is curated and facilitated, community members themselves set the agenda, lead the discussions, and build the culture of trust and friendship. We value a diverse community in which all members are empowered to participate fully as equals with a common goal: to advance the profession and practice of news journalism in the digital era.  Questions about Newsgeist and its member activities can be address to the Newsgeist Curator.

A Tradition of Ignite Talks

A mainstay of  the Newsgeist program are the “Ignite Talks”,  5-minute presentations that challenge conventional thinking, provoke new ideas, and catalyze the event’s unconference agenda.

Ignite Talks follow a strict format: Speakers prepare a 5 minute presentation in which the slides automatically advance every 15 seconds. Great Ignite Talks are inspiringmemorable, informational,entertaining, and never self-promoting.

View past Ignite Talks on the Newsgeist YouTube channel, or explore our Newsgeist Library by clicking the link below.